Learn About Children's Hospitals

California’s eight freestanding children’s hospitals, their clinics and affiliated physicians are the backbone of pediatric care in California.
Child patient embracing medical staff member

What Makes Children's Hospitals Unique

All children require health care that focuses on their unique needs and involves their parents from start to finish. Children with special health care needs are particularly in need of care provided in places designed exclusively for kids. Children’s hospitals provide care that keeps kids healthy and in school, preparing them for successful, productive adult lives.


Children's Hospital Financing

Children’s hospitals have unique payer mixes compared to other hospitals. Fortunately, all children in California are insured under current law, so children’s hospitals treat few uninsured patients. At the same time, more patients in children's hospitals are covered by Medi-Cal, California's Medicaid program, than is typical. Finally, because children's hospitals do not treat the elderly, they do not receive reimbursements from Medicare. Consequently, children’s hospitals are disproportionately reliant on Medi-Cal financing. This is a long-term challenge to their sustainability because, on average, Medi-Cal reimbursement covers only about 74 percent of a hospital's costs.


Philanthropy: How to Support Our Hospitals

California's children’s hospitals rely on thoughtful donations to support our young patients. Charitable contributions help fund vital medical equipment, ranging from everyday supplies to innovative, life-saving technology. Furthermore, donations are used to sustain essential services, such as patient advocacy efforts, community outreach, and training. These services are imperative for ensuring the health of not only our patients, but all children in our state. Additionally, donations are used to fund groundbreaking research.


Our Patients

Children's hospitals provide amazing care every day -- care that is transformative for patients and their families.  Learn more about our patients.